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“Just Post- The Gary Vaynerchuck Marketing Strategy to Grow Organically”

Gary Vaynerchuk is a successful internet marketing entrepreneur with millions of views on Youtube, Instagram and many other social media platforms.  He has a basic strategy for new entrepreneurs who do not have any money for advertising or do not want to spend money until they can establish a small client base.  “Just Post” means getting the name of your brand out by posting as much as possible on online forums.  This could be writing guest blog posts or becoming an expert in your products or services field and answering questions. Ultimately, this should build up trust and increase the likelihood of sales, establishing affiliates, and increasing your network in general.  

Opportunities for this kind of marketing will vary by industry.  For a very large industry such as coffee, a lot of opportunities exist, but the downside is the industry is very mature, making establishing a small brand very difficult.  Regardless, I am going to give a try and write down what I learn. For the next two months, I will try to see if I can grow my audience for HashTag Coffee with this strategy.  

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